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Charging infrastructure

Choose a partner that will successfully execute your EV infrastructure program

We are PRIMED for innovation!

Value and integrity are built into the fabric of every EV Charging infrastructure and  installation project and program we manage. Prime Power Solutions manages EV infrastructure projects using our proprietary 3P project management process.  You can rest assured that your dedicated project manager and the on-site team will finish your project on time and on budget. Our EV infrastructure and installation experience include consulting and analytics for optimal design and placement,  OEM charging station installation, electrical infrastructure planning, and so much more!

Prime Power Solutions is a division of Prime Retail Services.  We are a nationwide licensed general contractor serving the retail industry and beyond. Our qualification package meets the robust experiential, financial, and insurance needs our nation’s leading retailers to expect.  Our professional project management team partners with your team ensuring the project meets your specifications. Each step of the way, your project manager partners with you to plan, execute, and complete your EV charging  infrastructure project. 


Prime Power Solutions is ever-increasing its credentialing for EV Charging Stations. We are certified to install on all platforms.

  • EVITP Installation Certification
  • Autell Installation Certiciation


Prime Power Solutions has the ability to effectively manage projects including every part of EV charging station infrastructure. Our team of Electrical Engineers and Project Managers have the experience to get the job done right!


Its a win-win scenario for property owners and EV consumers alike. Our team of experienced technicians are ready to execute the installation of your innovative EV charging stations.

Prime Power Solutions is your resource for EV charging infrastructure and installation.

Our teams manage all aspects of commercial EV installation programs.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your EV program and our current capabilities.

Industries Served

No matter the industry EV charging infrastructure is needed to support consumers and increase the value of real estate across the country!

Prime sees retail as any physical location where a business intersects and serves its customer. Below you will find where our journey has taken us:

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Fueling and Convenience

  • Entertainment and Stadiums

  • Healthcare

  • Government and Municipalities

  • Fleets

  • Apartments and Condos

  • Sustainability and workplace

Quality Project and Program Management

Prime Retail Services ensure each project meets high standards of quality within budget and full of value. Our clients are big-box retailers, financial institutions, restaurants, pharmacies, and hotels. We understand that the retail industry has many facets. It is our job to help you create the best retail space possible. 

If you have an EV infrastructure or installation project that needs the following: 

  • General Contractor Licensing 
  • Extensive Geographical Coverage 
  • Complete qualification package 
  • High-quality project and program management processes 
  • 20 years’ experience 

Then Prime Power Solutions is the obvious choice.  

Prime Power Solutions equates to EV charging infrastructure and installation done right. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to retail EV program management and our 3P process. Our team of highly competent and skilled project managers will walk you through our attention to detail and superior customer service.  

Don’t forget to check out our other services. Prime Retail Services also provides excellent project management for technology deployment, fixture installation, and construction program management. 

We know a thing or two about building a vision that attracts your customers.